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New Pools

With Clear Waters Services, owning a pool has never been so easy. Clear Water Services Pools are low maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool. Owning a fibreglass pool is enhanced by the pools long-term durability and the savings in monthly chemical, electrical, and maintenance costs.

If you have been hesitatant about installing a pool for your family because of the expense, hassle and headache of owning a swimming pool, Clear Water Services Fibreglass Pools offers you the right pool for you and your family with 24 different shapes and sizes to suite your personal requirements.
Each Clear Water Services preformed fibreglass pool adheres to strict factory quality control and are built to the highest standard using the best materials and latest technology offering a 10 year structure guarantee.

Fibreglass pools have been in production since 1958.
There are many distinct advantages to "Owning a Fibreglass Pool"

  • Fibreglass strengthens with age.
  • Fibreglass never deteriorates.
  • Fibreglass is 17 times stronger than concrete with a flexible strength.
  • The colour is moulded in like Corian counter tops, giving a durable finish.
  • Pool Fab Fibreglass Pools carry a 10 year limited warranty against structural failure.

Fibreglass Pools:

  • have a smooth, non-porous surface, and do not harbour resident algae which makes cleaning walls 90% easier.
    A: Less vacuuming time .
    B: No marbelite or plaster to brush .
  • with its smooth, non-porous surface does not require large amounts of algaecides to combat resident algae, thus requiring less chemicals.
  • A: Smooth Non-Porous and Non-Bleed Surface not found in concrete pools .
    B: Chlorine level is maintained at 1.0 ppm (parts per milion) versus 3.0 ppm for concrete pools. "A part of the 66% savings with Fibreglass Pools" .
    C: Fibreglass Pools require much less acid. A concrete pool bleeds Alkali into water, therefore upsetting chemical balance and preventing chlorine from doing its job, thus requiring acid for water chemical balance .
  • are built in a modern factory under a strict quality control standard, with constant supervision. Not in backyard like `concrete and vinyl pools'.
  • are installed quickly with  minimum disruption to your home and neighbourhood.
    A: Faster installation means less damage to your backyard and you are able to use your pool more quickly.

Choose from over 24 different shapes and styles to suit your garden landscape or personal taste!

3.5m x 2.5m
Perimiter: 10.2m
Area: 6m?
Depth: 1.27m
3.5m x 2.8m
Perimiter: 11.2m
Area: 8.5m?
Depth: 1.2m
4.8m x 3m
Perimiter: 12.7m
Area: 10m?
Depth: 1.25m
3.6m x 3.6m
Perimiter: 12.6m
Area: 11.5m?
Depth: 1.1m
5m x 3m
Perimiter: 14.9m
Area: 13.5m?
Depth: 0.7m-1.36m
5m x 3.4m
Perimiter: 15m
Area: 14.5m?
Depth: 0.78m-1.38m
6m x 3.2m
Perimiter: 15.8m
Area: 15m?
Depth: 0.78m-1.61m
5.5m x 3.5m
Perimiter: 17m
Area: 16m?
Depth: 1m-1.5m
6m x 3.5m
Perimiter: 16.8m
Area: 17m?
Depth: 0.7m-1.51m
6m x 3.5m
Perimiter: 17m
Area: 17.5m?
Depth: 0.84m-1.5m
4.6m x 4.6m
Perimiter: 15.8m
Area: 17m?
Depth: 1.35m
7m x 3.5m
Perimiter: 19.9m
Area: 22.5m?
Depth: 0.86m-1.66m
7m x 3.5m
Perimiter: 22m
Area: 23m?
Depth: 0.8m-1.7m
7m x 3.5m
Perimiter: 22m
Area: 23m?
Depth: 0.9m-1.6m
7.8m x 3.8m
Perimiter: 20.2m
Area: 27m?
Depth: 0.76m-1.76m
La Lucia
7m x 5m
Perimiter: 19.3m
Area: 24m?
Depth: 0.94m-1.74m
8m x 4.5m
Perimiter: 22.4m
Area: 33m?
Depth: 0.79m-1.61m
8m x 4m
Perimiter: 21.1m
Area: 30m?
Depth: 0.9m-1.7m
8m x 4.3m
Perimiter: 23.2m
Area: 30m?
Depth: 1.01m-1.7m
9m x 4.5m
Perimiter: 25.6m
Area: 37.5m?
Depth: 1.08m-1.71m



All swimming pool installations include the following and are completed in 14 working days.

Site assessment
One of our technicians will asses the site if necessary for delivery and installation of pool

Installations take approximately 7-10 days and offer a hassle free installation for developers and home owners. Leaving the site neat and tidy at all times. Removal of soil is also possible at the site, if it is required. Power is only required a few days after installation as to allow the filter system to keep the pool crystal clear, so when the house is handed over the pool will be in pristine order. Installation can be performed at any time during or after the building of the house (Preferable after the house is complete).

In the event that rock is struck during construction, an additional charge to remove the rock will be charged.

In the event where retaining walls are necessary to obtain the pool level an additional charge will be levied.

75 liter Sand Filter
Careful analysis has ensured that this filtering system used in all our swimming pools will accommodate even our largest size pools with ease.

0.75 Kw water pump
Maintaining a constant rate of approx. 13 000 liters per hour is more than sufficient for circulation of the entire volume of our largest pool size.

DB Board
The electrical Distribution Board is fitted with a transformer for the 12 Volt halogen light system and is water resistant allowing no electrical problems as found in underground pump rooms.

First Layer of coping stone around pool
The coping stone is of a high quality and is locally manufactured and therefore easy to obtain allowing the developers or home owners to continue with the remaining paving if required.

Single weir
Careful calculations and positioning of the weir enables floating debris to be removed during cleaning and constant circulation of the water.

Single Light
The 12 volt halogen light allows for sufficient lighting to illuminate the entire pool. Access to the bulb is also possible if it needs to be changed.

Single Outlet valve
With careful positioning one outlet is all that is required. By using more than one outlet dead areas of water circulation are created.

Brush, Net and Extension Pole
Provided for use of the home owner or maintenance team only light maintenance is required.

Test Kit
Test Kit is provided to check the Ph and Chlorine levels when necessary. (Recommended once a month or after heavy rain.)

Housing for Filter System
The housing for the filter system, has dimensions of only 1.2m X 90 cm X 80 cm , and can be placed above ground away from the eye allowing for air ventilation to take place, it is also water proof with easy access to the filter unlike the under ground housing which offer irrigation problems humidity in the summer can cause electrical shorts. Thus reduces the costs and hassles for the developer and home owner.

Pool Extras which are also available are:

Stainless Steel Stairs

Pool Cover
To protect the pools during the winter, safety net for children. Easy removal at any time.

Careful planning and procedures has allowed for our pools to use less chemicals saving enormous costs each month on chemicals and protecting the owner's children from chemical exposure.

The chlorinators uses a salt based pool to produce sufficient chlorine to inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Automatic Pool Cleaner is an essential component of the cleaning system and allows the pools to be cleaned daily taking the hassle away from the pool owner, thus makes owning a pool more enjoyable. Virtually maintenance free!

Please Contact us for further details.